What Constitutes a Snow Day?

Ok, nothing better to blog about today but this…”What constitutes a snow day?”.

Before I get the poll up, let me explain why I’m polling this:

I woke up last night at 1:30 and realised Max needed to go out. So I went outside (half asleep) in my slippers and boxers with no shirt on (sexy I know) and as Max disappeared around the corner of the house I went to follow him…that’s when it hit me: “HOLY F*CK! There is a foot of snow out here AND I’M HALF NAKED!”. So I ran back inside and Max followed. Once inside, the thought crossed my mind “I wonder if we’ll (Matt and I) be able to make it into work in the morning”.

6am rolled around and I woke my ass up and went outside with Max again and realised “HOLY F*CK there is more then a foot of snow out here!”.  Then I thought, there is no way Matt will want to drive in this shit, it’s just not right! So I gave him a call, “Bah, we’ll be alright” he says!  Remember, this guy grew up in the “snow belt” of Ontario. Twenty Five minutes later I get a call from Karla (Matt’s wife):

Karla: Hey, he said he’ll call you when he gets out of the driveway.

Andrew: What a nut!

Karla: Yeah, he’s shoveling, he’s not laughing now!

Andrew: LOL alright, I’ll be waiting!

Anyhow, we made it into work and now I am here and all I hear are sirens every 15 minutes…

SOOOOO, with that being said, take my poll and tell me whether you think it should be a snow day or not!

Take the Poll



9 Responses to “What Constitutes a Snow Day?”

  1. Paul Says:

    LOL! Although I was on time myself, the bus itself was late (and I caught the early one).

    The sun is shining here and I’m hoping we are done with snow for now.

    But yes, I believe today should be a snow day 🙂

  2. Andrew Dos-Santos Says:

    Nice! Thanks Paul! Say, the poll is working now, so DO IT! 😉

  3. Paul Says:

    Done and done!

  4. Andrew Dos-Santos Says:

    haha so far 3 of us agree it should be a snow day!

  5. Randall Says:

    wusses. If I didn’t already have the day off I would have been driving to Gananoque to work. I would have been hella late but I would have went. That being said I voted for “it should be a snow day”

  6. David B. Says:

    I don’t think it should be a snow day. It seems as though everything gets blown out of proportion. We live in Canada, we can’t just cancel everything whenever we get 10cm of snow. It took me an hour to shovel out my driveway and I damn near had a stroke, but in the end I made it to work.

    That’s the way it is in Canada.

    They way people on the news talk you’d think we were sitting on the cusp of Armageddon.

  7. Randall Says:

    mmmmmm Liv Tyler

  8. Andrew Dos-Santos Says:

    haha Barber, I knew you were never good with math or measurements, but with you being 20cm off on your “estimation” I won’t hesitate to say…well…your wrong! lol It was 30cm! in less then 24 hours! Now I’m not saying shut everything down, I’m just saying that if while sitting at work I hear sirens every 30 minutes then people probably shouldn’t be driving on snow roads covered in 30 cm of snow…

    30 CM!

  9. Andrew Dos-Santos Says:

    Oh yeah, and mmmmmmm Liv Tyler

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